15 Must Have Vegan Apps

As technology gets more and more advanced being vegan will continue to be easier. A very smart thing to do with your smart phone is to personalize it towards your diet. The easiest way to do this is by downloading vegan-friendly apps. Here are 12 of our favorites you should download right now:

Click on the name of the app to head directly to download. Also, at the end of the blog is a list of great vegan recipe apps. Don’t miss it!

Is It Vegan? – Free

This app allows you to scan the product in question, and within seconds it tells you on a scale if it is vegan. If it is not vegan it tells you which ingredients are the culprits. 



Happy Cow – $3.99

No matter where you are this app will give you amazing suggestions of vegan and vegetarian places to eat. Also, it gives you details on the food served and a rating of the restaurant. 



Bunny Free – Free

This great app lets you search a companies name and they tell you whether or not they test on animals. Just be aware that this app only tells you if they test on animals or not, it does not tell you if the company uses non-vegan ingredients like honey, milk, or eggs. 



Veganagogo – $2.99

Veganagogo is a simple app that allows you to communicate your vegan dietary restrictions almost anywhere in the world. This app has translated different basic sentences that will help you with ordering a vegan meal in a different language. 



VeganXpress – $1.99

VeganXpress helps you find vegan menu items at chain restaurants. Find the chain and check what you can order.



Vegaholic – $1.99

Not all alcohol is vegan-friendly. Obviously a cocktail that uses egg whites, or milk stouts are not vegan, but you might not have realized that some beer, wine, and even vodka and be non-vegan. Just look up whatever drink is in question and this app will tell you if it is vegan or not. 



Cruelty Cutter – Free

Cruelty Cutter makes vegan shopping simple. It is quite like Bunny Free where you can scan the barcode of the product in question and this app will let you know if the company uses animal testing or not. 



PETA – Free

The PETA app gives you the chance to help animals through urgent action alerts, and donations. It is also a great addition because you can read all about what is going on in the animal world right at this moment. 



VegEMOJI – Free

VegEMOJI is a great app for sending vegetable emojis to anyone through text messages. It is super fun, and it promotes vegan and vegetarian diets. What could be better? 



If you are also looking for great vegan recipe apps you are in the right place. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Food Monster 

Oh She Glows

Forks Over Knives 

Do Eat Raw

21 Day Kickstart



18 thoughts on “15 Must Have Vegan Apps

  1. Ha! I clicked on this article because I just didn’t believe it or see the need, but yeah, just like gluten, non-vegan ingredients can be in products that one might not think of animal products being in. Cool. Thanks.

    Not that I am vegan, but thanks, I’ve gotten educated on your site today!

    Liked by 1 person

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