A Few Great Ways to Make Your Daily Vegetables Taste Better

Vegetables are arguably the most important part of a healthy meal, but sometimes they can get a little over looked and repetitive. If you follow these tips your vegetables will be back to looking, and tasting wonderful. 

Use the Correct Seasonings

The right seasonings can make all the difference. Start off with just salt which will take away some of the bitterness of the vegetable, but then add in some pepper to give it spice. To really step up the seasonings match whatever you add to your main course with the vegetables. If you add your own seasonings to meat, grains, or the soup/salad that your are having, add that same seasoning to the vegetables. 

Also, don’t be worried about the negative health consequences that come with the seasonings, using just a little bit on your vegetables is completely okay and it won’t change your diet. 


Do Not Boil the Vegetables

Unless you are following a recipe that specifically calls for you to boil the vegetables, or you are adding it to the main course later, stay away from boiling the vegetables. Boiling vegetables can cause problems for a few reasons.

First, they taste horrible when they are boiled because all of the flavors leave the vegetables and go into the water. Even if you use the best seasonings after they finish cooking they will still taste bad. Second, when you boil them all of the water soluble nutrients and vitamins leave the vegetables and end up in the water. This makes the vegetables pointless. 


Use Olive Oil

Using olive oil will both make the taste better, and add fat soluble vitamins which are important. For even more flavor you could use butter, but it will make the vegetables less healthy. 

A great way to use oil is to brush it on the vegetables then bake them for around 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them into veggie chips and also keeps them healthy.  


Explore New Ways to Cook the Veggies

Roasting, pan frying, and stir frying the vegetables are all great options. Roasting them takes a little more time but it really maximizes the health benefits. Pan and stir frying take out some of the nutrients depending on the cooking method (not nearly as much as boiling), but they give them a great caramelized and smoky flavor. Try some of them out and use different spices to really find your favorite.


Use Fresh Ingredients

One of the biggest reasons your veggies might not taste as good as you hope is because they are not fresh! Old vegetables are dry and bland, and they lose their health benefits over time too.

A great way to fix this is to buy fresh and local, it also helps the environment. Check out your local farmers market, or better yet grow your own! It is cheap and easy, all you really need is a small space of dirt, sunlight, and water. I usually grow tomatoes, kale, and peppers. It is amazing comparing your garden fresh veggies to the store bought ones, and it is fun to know that a good amount of your meal is right out of your garden. Give it a try next spring. 


Mix the Meal Together

One of the best ways to make a great tasting meal is to mix it all together. Whether it is a stir fry or a barbecue, if you mix the veggies in with the other ingredients the meal will taste great. 

Get out there and experiment with new ways to mix and match veggies. Try them out and add more to it. Make sure if you have any more tips to leave them in the comments. I hope this helped you on your vegetable journey.  


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