Six Ways to Step Up Your Soup Game

Going with our past post all about salads we are now going to talk about soup. Soup is a great meal to have for lunch, or just as a small snack to help you cross the bridge from breakfast to dinner. Just like most foods, soups can be tough to make and a little demanding. Here are a few great tips to stepping your soup game up to the next level. 


Flavorful Liquid

It doesn’t matter what type of liquid you’re using, chicken broth, stock, vegetable stock, or even water, whatever you use make sure it has a good flavor. This will act as a strong base and move you closer to that spectacular soup you are reaching for.



Sweat Your Vegetables

Toss your veggies into a pan on low heat then cover with a lid. This will extract some of those high-in-flavor juices that you wouldn’t normally taste if you just put the vegetables right into the soup. 

20100301- sweat 2-3 minutes.JPG


Use Veggies That Are More Aromatic

On the subject of vegetables, the more aromatic they are the more flavor your final product will have. If you want to make the base even more powerful you can use spicier peppers instead of regular bell peppers.


Don’t Use Too Much Oil

Just a small amount of oil will go a long way, so try not to add too much. Also, remember if you are using meat it will most likely give off a fat which naturally has more oil. Plan accordingly. 


Don’t Boil Your Soup

Once you add in your liquids, heat it p to a quick boil, then turn it down to a simmer. If you boil the soup for too long your vegetables will become mushy and your meats will be overcooked. In soup you want your meat to be especially tender which will make your meal taste and feel way better. The worst feeling is when you’re really going at that hunk of beef in your stew with a spoon and the only thing you’re accomplishing is splashing scalding broth onto your hands.



Heat Your Bowls

Last, but definitely not least, the plating. Heating up your ceramic bowls just a little before serving can really add to the final taste of the soup. The easiest way of doing this it to heat your oven to about 200 degrees, once it gets to that point shut it off and place the bowls in it for about 10 minutes letting them heat up to a good temperature. 


I hope this helps you on your soup journey. The next article we will be looking at some crazy good soup recipes. Stop by later in the week and it will be up! Thanks for stopping by!


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